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    I seriously didn't want to see the movie at first, because of all the bad Spongebob episodes we've been getting for the past several years. My little brother (11) wanted to see it for the heck of it, but I was worried that it was going to suck. I even said that if the writers responsible for the bad episodes are also in charge of the movie, then we shouldn't see it. However, the commercials for it were legit, since it seemed as if the characters were going to spend their journey on land for most of the movie. It didn't happen until near the end. 
    My favorite part of the whole darn thing was the action scene when they got their superpowers and went up against that pirate; I can say that Spongebob himself was most enjoyable in that part. Then there was that crazy Dolphin vs. Seagull rap battle at the end. :XD: That was all that got my attention.

    Spongebob is just too stupid and illogical for me. The plot basically revolved around the recipe for a stupid sandwich. And just because it got stolen, everybody went into a wreak of havoc or "a breakdown in social order." As if they had nothing else to eat! That was pathetic.
I think the movie would've been better if half the characters were actually likable throughout the whole thing, also. As usual, the characters were all stupid (except Plankton). Mr. Krabs being his typical selfish cheapskate self doesn't really make him seem like a good guy at all. And Patrick was just a backstabbing prick half the time. Sandy was okay, but my goodness her voice gradually became annoying for me over the years. 

I understand that this is supposed to be for kids, but how could a writer think that a child would find it funny to see the main characters treat each other so heartlessly? (Mainly thinking about how Patrick was a prick to Spongebob) It was just sad. And the theme of this movie is about teamwork. (At least between Spongebob and Plankton) :facepalm: 
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Artist | Hobbyist
United States
I am an anthropomorphic fanartist and a throwback artist "because I'm late like that" :XD:
My favorite art tool is MS Paint (been drawing with it since 2009); now I'm also trying to get used to Photoshop, a more modern art tool.
I am a semi-fanfiction writer, since I usually add drawings that define each divided section of it.

I also host a Q&A section in my gallery for my FCs (fan characters) where fellow deviants ask them questions and I draw out their response (as long as it's appropriate.) I try to answer them as soon as I gain enough motivation to draw it out nicely; so it won't end up looking aggravated and lazy.
I also like to write rant journals (mainly about DA or art related topics that I feel concerned about.)

However, I DO NOT TAKE FLAT-OUT REQUESTS. I've been asked this question so many times and I have nowhere else to put this message.

My FCs:
Dymonde Eryka- Ratchet and Clank
An-D Emreld- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
(Under construction) Lillia Chrysan- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012)
Marienne Frank- Sly Cooper
Tailia Crosefir - Lackadaisy
Crowe - Storm Hawks
(Under Construction) Sydney the Hedgehog- Sonic the Hedgehog
Seth the Hedgehog- Sonic the Hedgehog
My version of Lombax!Clank will count too.

Just in case, I'll add my persona, Artsi Cat to the ask list.
If you want to ask me questions, they should involve "me" having to interact with any canon characters I'm familiar with; just like the FCs. (For example, the deviation involving me with Carmelita) One thing about the artist fursona, she can cross over into anything without logical judgement; since I pretty much crossed over into everything that I took interest in and drew. And she'll stay as a anthropomorphic cat no matter what style.

For those who want to ask my FCs (and my fursona) questions, you can comment them on my profile page, any askFC deviations, the FC's bio or the AskMyFCs folder in my gallery. Just be specific on who you are asking.
If you want to ask any of my FCs a question involving your FC, please add a link to your FC with a bio so I can have an idea on what your character is like and won't be shooting in the dark once I get to yours. It keeps me from wasting time when I get around to answering it.

Please be specific if you guys want to ask a crossover question, such as naming a character who has some similarities to my FC's fandom so they can relate to them.
If you still desire them to interact with an irrelevant character, please set up your question as an introduction or "what if" scenario.

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